Anima / Darkroom

Choreography : Lucy M. May & 7Starr Artistic Direction : Lucy M. May Performer : 7Starr Creation : 2019 Performers: 1 dancer onstage + 2 artists backstage Length : 60 min EN // Hosted in the belly of the theatre, Anima / Darkroom is a solo that feeds our hunger for communion. A Krump artistContinue reading “Anima / Darkroom”

Le Goulet

Lucy M. May/Llamaryon – Marion Desjardins, Le Goulet, 2017. Performers on stage: 1 Length : 7 min Spectators : 100-300 Short solo work, drawing on New Brunswick research on emotion and land. Looking for the toe-hold deep in the water for tethers between what is lost and what finds me. At the centre of the feelContinue reading “Le Goulet”