Lucy M. May is a contemporary dance artist, teacher, and writer based in Montréal. She is attracted to the porousness of collaboration and the margins of dancing. In recent years, Lucy has developed choreographic work for screen, paper, site-specific locations, and the stage. Lucy is currently developing two projects, the nomadic residency Esemplastic Landing (2016-2017) and the in situ performance Vivarium, which ask in different ways how geo- and bio-social environments thread their way through human movement.

A native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, and graduate of LADMMI and Rotterdam Dance Academy, Lucy has presented her work in Québec, New Brunswick, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Between 2009 and 2016, Lucy was a member of Compagnie Marie Chouinard, creating roles for seven major choreographies, appearing in film and new media works, and touring internationally. As an independent dancer she has also worked with Margie Gillis, Alejandro De Leon, Sasha Kleinplatz, Lesandra Dodson, Melissa Raymond, Lucie Gregoire, and Georgia Rondos.

“Elle est d’une sensibilité fabuleuse,” writes Chouinard, “d’une grande richesse émotive, elle est à la fois puissante et très fluide, à la fois de feu et de lait.”

The workshops Lucy teaches are alive to folk wisdom and anchored in participants’ own physiology (Rustlin’ Vessels, Finger & Toes), and play with the foundations of professional dance training and knowledge (The Surprise Party!).  Lucy imagines her moving body as a meeting place, where theories and conversations find confluence with what is local, sensual, or tactile. She dances to wonder after what binds micro to macro, macro to micro. In the community, Lucy contributes to The Dance Current and is a member of RQD, DTRC, and the UDA.


Artiste en danse contemporaine, enseignante, et écrivaine Lucy M. May s’est établie à Montréal en 2003. La porosité de la collaboration et les marges de la danse lui attirent. Présentement, elle développe des performances (Vivarium; Esemplastic Landingreaching over a brink of darkness, folding open to a starlight trepanation) qui questionnent comment les environments géo- et bio-sociaux se tissent au mouvement humain. Entre 2009 et 2016, Lucy était membre de la Compagnie Marie Chouinard. À titre de pigiste, elle travaille avec Margie Gillis, Alejandro De Leon, Sasha Kleinplatz, Melissa Raymond, et chorégraphes travaillant au Nouveau-Brunswick—sa province natale. Son propre corps mouvant, elle imagine, est un lieu de rencontre, là où théories et conversations confluent avec le proximal, le tactile, le sensuel. Elle danse, émerveillée par ce qui relie micro au macro, macro au micro. Lucy a étudié à LADMMI et Rotterdamse Dancacademie aux Pays-Bas.