A Complex Simplicity of Love

duration: 5 mins
transmitted to Lucy M. May in the context of the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation’s Legacy Project

Histoires d'isolement, Festival Quartiers Danse, La Cinquième Salle, Montréal


Evolutions, Margie Gillis Dance Foundation + Culture Trois-Rivières, Trois-Rivières 
Evolutions, Margie Gillis Dance Foundation + Le Carré 150, Victoriaville


Legacy Project Showing, Margie Gillis Dance Foundation, St. Marc’s Church, Acton Vale
Lucy M. May & Works by Margie Gillis, House of Dance, New Dance Horizons, Regina


choreography Margie Gillis
performance Lucy M. May
music Lascia Ch’io Pianga, G.F. Haendel, interpreted by Quartom
costume Denis Gagnon

original lighting Jack Udashkin

︎︎︎︎︎︎ photos Lucy M. May, Quartom, Margie Gillis ©Clément Dietz

We would like to express our respect and gratitude to the traditional stewards of the stolen lands upon which these works were created: the Anishinaabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, Kanien’kehá:ka, Mi’kmaq, Mississaugas of the Credit, Peskotomuhkati, Sámi, Wabanaki, and Wolastoqey Nations and Confederacies. Creating dance and art relies on funding and resources, and all wealth comes from the earth. Land back.