Le Goulet

Lucy M. May/Llamaryon – Marion Desjardins, Le Goulet, 2017.

Performers on stage: 1
Length : 7 min
Spectators : 100-300

Short solo work, drawing on New Brunswick research on emotion and land.

Looking for the toe-hold deep in the water
for tethers between what is lost
and what finds me.
At the centre of the feel
is a hard seed and six dogs.
I saw her body slip between
the shore and dissolution.
We blinked to keep ourselves
from being electrocuted
and drank from the bottle,
but the bugs sucked us raw.
Sink to rise, witch.

la petite scène 10e édition – inquiétante étrangeté, LE CERCLE LAB VIVANT, Québec (QC), Canada, October 25, 2017.

Crédit vidéo : Olivier Laflamme
Creation & Performance: Lucy M. May
Sound: Ocean Sounds