Fingers & Toes | Doigts & Orteils


The workshop is based around initiating movements from isolated fingers and toes. This will permit us to draft simple parameters for complex physical rewiring and gonzo social experimentation. Alone, with a partner or as a group we’ll play, test and train in the studio-as-laboratory. Everyone will have opportunities to apply the diversity of their experiences to this research. All channels are open. Our hands and feet are weighty with signs of the past and whispers of the future: chiromancy, mudras, Chinese meridians … What physical logic or personal truths do these symbolic systems hold to our physical geography? Might these discoveries help us reshape our ways of being and moving through dances and the world? Those with or without fingers and toes are equally welcome.

Studio 303, 372 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, local 303, Montréal, April 23-24, 2016
La Poêle, 5333 rue Casgrain (coin Maguire), local 307, Montréal, September 29 — October 1 2014