Witchees (Short & Sweet 15)

Lucy M. May, HexFACE, 2014.

For the “Covers” edition of Short & Sweet — an event programmed during Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques — my collegues Carol Prieur, Megan Walbaum, Valeria Gallucio and Paige Culley danced a cover of Mary Wigman’s Hexentanz (1913?) that I choreographed based on video documents of Wigman performing a masked dance. I was curious about the common territories shared by Weimar German movement and the body knowledge held by dancers from Compagnie Marie Chouinard. Patrick Conan created and performed the score.

Short & Sweet 15 (Wants&Needs Dance), QUARTIER GÉNÉRAL DU FESTIVAL TRANSAMÉRIQUES, Montreal (QC), Canada, 2014.