The Surprise Party!

I was thinking a lot about what kind of training is important to me. It’s easy to take my routines seriously, to assume I know how to be a “good student”…a “professional dancer”… But then I get bored by being a “good student”, a “professional dancer”… I began to look for a way to be unknowing again.

My wonderful experience in Alicia Grant’s Body as Vehicle workshop at Studio 303 in January 2014 made me conscious of how very isolating our standard ways of training in dance can be. It inspired me to consider how we could do better as a community. To imagine a different way of stepping outside our comfort zones. To invite a new way of sharing among one another. To create contexts that force us to jump into the unknown. To train the mind for real openness to other possibilities, to other people’s experiences and ideas, without abandoning a responsibility to ourselves. To strengthen our community across generational divides, levels of experience, physical abilities and practices. To physically cross-pollinate movement resources and creative lines of questioning.

I dreamt up The Surprise Party as an open invitation to the curious, the bored, the brave—the pregnant, the patient, the injured—the loner, the wicked, the good to invent a new form of training each other together. In whatever state we might be in, to come as we are to an open-source training experiment, a lateral anarchistic dance class. Creative aerobics?

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