Evolution in Marie Chouinard’s “Rite of Spring”

Lucy M. May, Untitled (Self Portrait), 2008.

The Canadian Society for Dance Studies invited me to speak at a York University conference: SACRE CELEBRATION: Revisiting, Reflecting, Revisioning on a panel, alongside Natalie Rewe and Hilary Bryan. We spoke on the subject of Marie Chouinard’s Rite of Spring.

I considered the appropriateness of a “petri dish” image, as suggested by Bryan, in reference to the choreographic structure and content of the piece. I spoke to its history and to its transmission over the past two decades, from and to each new generation of dancers performing the piece. I also reflected on the learning process and my own personal developments over three years dancing the work.

Presented by Society of Dance History Scholars, and the faculties of Music and Dance at York University, Toronto, Canada, April 18–20, 2013. Learn more…