Deinstallation Performance

Photo of lucy m. may courtesy of Simone Alexandra.

While touring in Sweden in February 2012, I was invited by my friend and former colleague Laura Hatfield to dance at the Valand School of Fine Art’s Galleri Rotor, where she works as a Curatorial Intern while studying at the University of Gothenburg, towards a Master of Science in International Museum Studies.

The work exhibited in the space at the time was Ian Pedigo’s installation In a Shaded Corner of the Room; The Curtains…: a collection of assembled and disassembled sculptures made of found objects, and materials cut from the gallery space itself. Franz Kafka’s story Cares of a Family Man was a ‘point of entry’ for Pedigo’s creation.

This installation was already in the process of being dismantled by Laura when I arrived–a task which is both part of her job and a part of her artistic practice. The score we performed in the space axed on Hatfield’s activities, my inhabitation of the space as a gallery ghost, and their interceptions with the themes present in Cares of a Family Man. Following our performance, we exchanged interview questions about our experiences.

Galleri Rotor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, February 13th, 2012.

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