Kick It Off

Photo of Lucy M. May by Sasha Kleinplatz

The Fredericton Playhouse commissioned me to create a piece in collaboration with the band Share (Andrew Sisk et al.) for a Cultural Capital of Canada arts gala. I created Kick it Off with the choreographer and my good friend Sasha Kleinplatz. You can listen to the music of Andrew Sisk and Share here.

“I was reading Beautiful Losers in Leonard Cohen’s rebel Montreal, and reading The Collected Works of Billy the Kid, with a brain full of horses and outlaws, love and poetry. The thought of returning home to perform became also an acknowledgment of the personal loser always lingering close behind in my history. Those photos! As my Generation Y-ness focused and blurred in the present tense, and as elements of my wardrobe resurfaced, I slid again into my old boots, and Sasha and I began to create a dance for a teenage road trip soundtrack…”

Fredericton Onstage at The Fredericton Playhouse, Fredericton (NB), Canada. Fall 2009.
Short & Sweet (Wants & Needs Dance) at La Sala Rosa, Montreal (QC), Canada. Spring 2010.