Mechanism / Organism

Video Still from Mechanism/Organism. Dancer: Lucy M. May. Camera: Eduardo Menz.

Eduardo Menz wrote and directed the short award-winning film Mechanism/Organism, for which Lucy created and performed as a creature emerging from and retreating to the decaying environment she inhabits. The gestures of each fractured sequence relate one-by-one to the inner natures of different of human body systems (informed by Body Mind Centering). Violence permeates her movements.

“The methods of recording human movement have evolved; have humans evolved with it? With razor-sharp choreography and a pulse-pounding soundtrack this work question’s photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s techniques for recording organic movement mechanically. Dance represents organic movement, while the camera symbolizes mechanical movement; at different points within the work, the two movements become confused and merge as the dance becomes mechanical and the camera organic.”

–Eduardo Menz